Why purchase from Ela Motors?

  • You get to see what you are purchasing before you pay for it.
  • Ela Motors pricing is on the road – drive away.   There are no hidden or unknown costs!
  • Ela Motors guarantee your Speedometer reading is correct.
  • Every Used vehicle on display for sale, has an accurate Display Card setting out its: age; mileage; model and features.
  • Every vehicle presented for sale has had a 60 point check through the Ela Motors workshops.
  • You receive a Free 3 month or 5,000Km written warranty defining what is covered when you take delivery of your vehicle.
  • You receive 2 free services to be used within the first 12 months of ownership, at your local Ela Motors dealership.
  • Ela Motors guarantees that you have clear title to your vehicle, as Ela Motors owns all of the stock.
  • You be viewing a comprehensive range of Quality Used vehicles both in country and available direct from Japan.
  • Comprehensive Support of the largest Vehicle Dealer in PNG, represented in 16 locations countrywide.


For peace of mind and certainty for your next Used Vehicle – see us now!

Car evaluation point


Level photo Damage
A1 ex_a1 Light scratch (Under 15cm)
A2 ex_a2 Visible scratch (Around 30cm)
A3 ex_a3 Deep scratch (Visible from far)
A4 ex_a4 Several A3 scratches
Level photo Damage
U1 ex_u1 Dimples
U2 ex_u2 Golf ball
U3 ex_u3 Baseball
U4 ex_u4 Football


Level photo Damage
Stain (S) in_ss Golf ball
Stain (M) in_sm Baseball
Stain (L) in_sl Football
in_cb Cigarette Burnt
Level photo Damage
Worn Seat (S) in_ws Slightly Wear
Worn Seat (M) in_wm Midium Wear
Worn Seat (L) in_wl Creased
in_wsteer Worn Steering