This privacy policy has been developed by Ela Motors strictly for this website and governs the privacy of its users.

The policy sets out the specific areas where user privacy is concerned, the way this website processes, stores and protects user data and information and outlines the obligations and requirements of users, the website.

Our Privacy Policy Covers:

Personal Information:

  • Name, Email, Phone Number:

(i).          Your name and email address are required to communicate with you.  A unique combination and password will be assigned to you upon registering with your email address, to ensure your security of identification and protect your member’s area from un-authorized use.

Ela Motors may use your email address to send latest stock updates, newsletter, and shipping or order confirmation details.  You, the user may elect to subscribe or unsubscribe from Ela Motors email alerts at any time.

(ii).            Your contact details and telephone number are necessary to ensure communication concerning shipment, payment or other issues that may arise, pertaining to the order. 

  • Ela Motors will not disclose any Personal Information or transfer it to any third party in or under any circumstances.

Comments and Suggestions:

Ela Motors maintains a safe and secure  system and members and users are assured of the maximum levels of privacy protection.

We appreciate any suggestions and comments regarding this privacy policy to ensure Ela Motors continues maximum privacy protection levels.