1. Search the Ela Motors Used Vehicle website

Simply choose your options by searching in either vehicle make, category, price or year. If you are wanting more choice in your search then go direct to the advanced option where you can choose more specific search options.

2. Send Your Enquiry 

Once you have found a vehicle you are interested in looking at then press the green enquiry button which will take you to the enquiry form page. Please fill in the form and press send.

Your enquiry then will go direct to Ela Motors and you will receive a reply notification of your enquiry within 24 hours.

Ela Motors will then supply price confirmation, confirmed odometer readings, stock availability and any other recommendations based on your enquiry form. If you are interested in viewing or ordering the vehicle then you can simply visit the Ela Motors dealership and arrange to look at the vehicle.

Alternatively you can contact Ela Motors Used Vehicles on 3229 467 for further details about your enquiry.

3. Confirmation and Delivery 

Once your order is confirmed at the Ela Motors dealership, you can arrange payment and delivery of your vehicle, made from the comprehensive Ela Motors used vehicle range. We look forward to doing business with you.